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Feminist Criticism In The Great Gatsby - Free Essay Example

The focus on how women are depicted in literature is crucial and it is seen in the works of Fitzgerald in his book â€Å"The Great Gatsby†, for it was one of the many ideas that were discussed in his book. Furthermore, the idea of the feminist perspective is that it deals with the traditional impression of a man as the commanding and influencing subject who is thought to represent humanity since it is depicted that the male had overpowered females and prevented them from recognizing their own potential. The story can be appreciated for the way it has portrayed women, as the general narrative is enhanced and allows the reader to praise it for its literary value through feminist criticism. Therefore, in the book â€Å"The Great Gatsby† the feminist criticism centers on the general idea of the female experience, the differences between women and men, and the relationships between both genders. In light of this, Fitzgerald wrote about this issue with awareness of the early twentieth century regarding female experience. Moreover, the women in â€Å"The Great Gatsby†, specifically Daisy, were seen as attractive young wives who were not only viewed as tools by men but also not heard or understood for their potentials. This idea was stated when Daisy bore a child and discovered that the child was a girl, she cried and said, ‘â€Å"All right, I’m glad it’s a girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool-that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Fitzgerald 17). These words spoken by her reveal a lot about her character. In the book, it was viewed that Daisy was alone, but not a fool since at that time the social environment didn’t show any appreciation to the intellect of women. On the other hand, this observation can also be viewed to be a sarcastic comment because although she is referring to the social values and what they hold in her era, she doesn’t confront them. For this reason, she portrays those values as her own since she thinks that girls or females can only have fun and survive in the world if only they were attractive fools. Also, in this story Daisy is depicted to be the â€Å"American golden girl,† this was shown when Gatsby said, ‘â€Å"Her voice is full of money†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Fitzgerald 120). To explain, the description of Daisy’s voice represents her personality, for on the outside, she seems to be alluring and glamorous, but on the inside, she is both shallow and disloyal. Despite all that, she speaks like the sound of success, which is a â€Å"golden† that makes her enchanting to men. Fitzgerald shows the difference between both men and women by giving readers perspicacity into the men who agree with the female illusion created by society, and how they demoralize them. Fitzgerald explores the irony that men exploit their idealized women. This idea is supported when Gatsby and Daisy were conversing together. â€Å"He began to talk excitedly to Daisy, denying everything, defending his name against accusations that had not been made. But with every word she was drawing further and further into herself† (Fitzgerald 134). Gatsby’s life here seems to be based on the idea of getting validated and approved of himself and his actions throughout his relationship with Daisy. A feminist would see that he is trying to oppress her here, for it’s like Gatsby is trying to control and overpower Daisy by trying to keep her from leaving him while she is trying to escape him. Additionally, there seems to be a focus on individuals who also break the social standards that were set up by society. To clarify, Nick, the narrator of the story, reflects on the relationship between Tom and Myrtle and Daisy. Tom is abusing Myrtle Whilst dominating one overpowering Daisy. With attention to what happened in the following, â€Å"Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchannan broke her nose with his open hand† (Fitzgerald 37). The only problem to happen was that he had done so in front of an audience showing that it was a social standard in a messed up system created by the society to get a male to dominate a female, Fitzgerald is using his critique by showing that it would seem out of control if she was physically abused in front of people back then. Tom is using his physical and economic power over both Myrtle and Daisy to overpower them, showing that the women in this text have no power, even when trying to gain it. Not to mention, Fitzgerald also showed a great emphasis on the relationship between males and females. With this in mind, one has to think of one of the main characters of the story, Nick Carraway who gave a biased view on the relationship between women and men, and the chain of command regarding relationships. This relates to how Tom had a mistress and Daisy was aware of what happened but didn’t do anything to fix the problem. For that, the narrator Nick was disgusted and surprised by this since he thought that Daisy was to take her daughter and pack her things and leave him, but was surprised to know that she didn’t act on it though. Despite that Nick seems to be unable to relate to Jordan Baker on the same level regarding how she interprets morals and ethics in simplicity, specifically about her playing golf and how she â€Å"cheated†, without thinking that he too thinks this way. This is revealed when Nick and Jordan converse near the end of the story, ‘â€Å"You threw me over the phone. I don’t give a damn about you now, but it was a new experience for me, and I felt a little dizzy for a while. I thought you were an honest, straightforward person, I thought it was your secret pride†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Fitzgerald 177). ‘â€Å"I’ma five years too old to lie to myself and call it honor†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Fitzgerald 177). This just shows how biased he is, for he too was dishonest since he was still half in love with her in the end. In conclusion, Fitzgerald overall presentation of women and men in the early 1920s is calloused and unflattering. The society was based on men disempowering women and degrading them, and how difficult it was for a woman to survive in the 1920s because they had to act like beautiful fools and allow men to distinguish their potentials, and how the relationships were false and based on lies and putting masks on for one another. This book targeted an issue that showed how women all fell under the label of â€Å"beautiful fools† who were disempowered by men despite them having potentials that were far bigger than those of the men in that society back then. Works Cited Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. Charles Scribners Sons, 1925.

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Llano Estacado in the U.S. and Around the World

Llano Estacado literally translated from Spanish-to-English means Staked Plain, and it is a region at the southern end of the American Great Plains in the southwestern United States. The Geographical Region The Llano Estacado region  encompasses parts of  eastern New Mexico  and northwestern  Texas. It is marked by large mesas at elevations of 3,000 to 5,000 feet. One of its most popular landmarks is the Caprock Escarpment in Texas. Possible Historical Reference The settling of the western United States in the 1800s was known for its land runs with settlers on foot and horseback racing to claim lands by driving a stake into the ground. Llano Estacado may be a historical nod to the stakes or posts driven  into the ground in this region that were used as landmarks delineating property. Some suggest the plain was called Llano Estacado because it is surrounded by cliffs resembling palisades or stockades, which explains the definitions of palisaded plain or stockaded plain. The Caprock Escarpment is a 200-mile long cliff or palisade that delineates the border of the Llano Estacado region from the high plains.   Spanish Translation   Llano Estacado  can be translated to mean palisaded plain, stockaded plain, or staked plain. Llano is a direct translation for the word plain or prairie.  Estacado  is the past  participle  of  estacar. Estacar  is the verb meaning to tie to a post. Of the three possible translations, the three have very similar meanings. Many words in English are derived from Spanish words. The English word stockade comes from the Spanish word  estaca, so originally stockade and staked meant basically the same thing. The same can be said for palisade, it comes from the French word  palissade, meaning stake. The word palisade is related to the Spanish word  palo, meaning stick, which may be a close relation to the word stake. Non-American Spanish Speakers What does a native Spanish speaker not from the United States assume as the meaning for the term Llano Estacado? A native Spanish speaker would approach the term in the same way an English speaker would understand staked plain. As in English, it is not a common term, but it does evoke a certain meaning when you give the term some thought. The understanding of the term would likely be different for someone living in suburban Madrid than it would be for someone living on the plains of Argentina.

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College Is it Still worth it Essay - 1199 Words

Elementary school, middle school, high school, college―that’s how we’re told our education careers should go. After college you go on and get a job based on the degree you received. Seems simple right? According to Erik Lowe in his Seattle Times article â€Å"Keep Washington’s College Tuition Affordable,† he informs that people in his generation are the first to be less educated than their parents, in the United States. He explains that this is due to the high cost of tuition followed by a huge amount of student loan debt. Lowe believes that there needs to be a significant change in the country’s higher education systems (in reference to the tuition costs) or the decline of college attendance will continue. There needs to be a decrease of†¦show more content†¦Why does the tuition cost so much more? This leaves college students baffled and stressed about how much money they’re paying and what they’re even paying for. As it is, there is about $1 trillion in college debt in America. A Philadelphia Enquirer article warns that, â€Å"The average debt owed per person is $25,000 -- the highest level of student debt in the nations history,† and that the number is increased by tens of thousands of dollars for those who go on to get higher degrees. $25,000 is a lot but the reality is that a lot of people have even more than that. For example, what if someone goes to an expensive private college and their tuition is anywhere between 30 and 70 thousand per year. In total they could be paying between 120 and 240 thousand dollars per year. The majority of the country is most likely unable to easily pay for that and could end up with extensive amounts of debt just because they went to the college that they wanted to. Student’s education shouldn’t be compromised just because the school they want to go to has a high tuition. Alarmingly, â€Å"Study after study has shown the number one barrier to attending college is the published rate of tuition.†(Lowe) The amount of student debt as a result of a school’s high tuition should decide where people should go to school. If tuition is decreased then simultaneously, student debt would be as well. If collegeShow MoreRelatedIs College Still Worth It?915 Words   |  4 PagesIn â€Å"The Great Debate: Is College Still Worth It?† author Ricardo Azziz endorses post-secondary education by stating its economic advantage in today’s society. The author begins his article by introducing a survey done by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, which shows that the majority of college graduates believe college education is worth its cost. Not only are people convinced of the value of a college education, adults with a degree of some sort (bachelor’s degree orRead MoreIs College Still Worth The Expense?921 Words   |  4 Pagesthemselves asking is college still worth the expense? W ith tuition continuing to sky rocket each year. Textbooks with their outrageous sales tax. It adds up, that I am sure of. So again is it really worth it? I say, yes. College changes and shapes individuals in ways unimaginable. Whether you attend college or go immediately into the workforce, many recognize the amazing opportunities college has to offer its students. In high school, high school opens doors for college. In college, college unlocks opportunitiesRead MoreIs An American College Education Still? Worth It?1465 Words   |  6 PagesIs An American College Education Still ‘Worth It’? One of the realities of the past several decades is that society has come to place an increasing level of emphasis upon the importance of education. Whereas it has been understood for decades that education is an integral component of the overall level of success that a person might hope to experience during their lifetime, the necessity of each and every individual striving for a college degree has been a more and more defining aspects of the driveRead MoreCollege Education Is Still Worth It For Everyone1751 Words   |  8 Pagesunemployed college graduates have increased for each year, many people have been debating whether everyone should have college education and whether college education is still worth it for everyone. Some people found that they did not gain the benefits that they wished from college education, and some people found that they still could not find the job they desired after they spent all the money they had on college education and being in heavy debt. Therefo re, everyone was not sure that colleges are designedRead MorePersuasive Essay1334 Words   |  6 PagesFatemah Karim Ms. Meyer AP English 11 February 22, 2013 Is it really worth going to college, owing hundreds of dollars in order to get a degree in a profession to become successful and experienced in the real world? Today, as tuition costs increase students are questioning whether college is fit for them or not. For one, college can be really expensive, for example at the University of Minnesota for an undergraduate during the academic year of 2011-2012, the cost for one credit was $448.08 and $5Read MoreIs College Still A Good Investment?958 Words   |  4 PagesIn Does College Still Pay, Lisa Barrow explores that even though the college tuition costs are increasing rapidly, is college still a good investment. Barrow states that college still worth wild and there is no evidence of a downward trend to students attending college due to increasing college tuition. Barrow also claims that by getting a bachelor s degree today, a college student can expect to regain all of their investments they have put towards their education within 10 year s after graduationRead MoreCollege Education Essay1364 Words   |  6 PagesIs College Still Worth it ? Since their childrens infancy parents have always encouraged their children to go to college and become a professional. But in this new age economic crisis, is college really worth it? Tuition costs are rising to a criminally high price has everyone arguing. Is college really a good investment? Well in a very short way, yes it is. An investment that makes you 500,000 to a million dollar lifetime payout is uncomparable. In the end, today an average college graduate willRead MoreIs College Worth The Cost?1296 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction: The U.S. is home to some of the greatest colleges and universities in the world. But with an overwhelming 1.3 million students graduating with an average student loan debt of $29,000 each and with youth unemployment elevated, the question of whether or not college tuition is worth the money arises (The Institute for College Access Success, 2013). Higher education faces intimidating challenges: continually rising costs, access and completion problems, constant changing of technologyRead MoreCollege Is Necessary for a Successful Future Essay788 Words   |  4 Pagesyears of school enough? Who needs college anyway? Working a nine to five job with no chance of a promotion would not be that bad, would it? Do not deny, this is not the desired lifestyle of most young adults. Clearly, the way to achieve a superior job and future is college. College is the most necessary tool in order to be successful in life. College gives its graduates the greatest ability to achieve a higher paying job. Furthermore, adults who attend college earn higher wages over those who doRead MoreThe Cost of Your Future1436 Words   |  6 Pages The Cost of Your Future At one point you may have asked yourself whether or not college is worth the cost. By cost I mean the financial cost, the personal sacrifice and the time it takes to actually garnish a degree. College students weigh out these factors every day; but at the end will it all be worth it? As a college student, I have witnessed these phases happen to not only me, but my fellow classmates as well. For example, we see students switching

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Myths and Religion Essay - 899 Words

When this word â€Å"myth† is used, the term is usually related to a fable, invention or a fiction story. Over the years, many scholars started approaching the study of myth differently. These scholars have approach myths in a way their meaning was traditionally regarded. In many traditions these myth are true stories and never refer to as false stories. ( ) In many of tradition, a myth carries within it a sense of sacred tradition and primordial relation. These myths are also serving as model for chosen tradition. Myths are extremely complex cultural reality that can be approached and interpreted from various viewpoints. These viewpoints are often related to the whole of†¦show more content†¦The religious minds relate muths to the sacredness of their belief. Sometime this sacredness is towards certain object. These objects can be animals, people, localized spaces within sacredness are found in the hi story of religion to be primitive to the most highly developed. Mysterious acts. These mysterious acts can be the manifestations of a stone or tree, which are consider elementary initiation. These mysterious acts also have supreme initiation, the most notable act is found in Christianity. This supreme initiation is the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ. ( Even though a stone or a tree is, classify as an elementary imitation. Many fail to understand why people will consider a stone or a tree sacred. Many fail to understand that the veneration of the object itself is not involved. The stone or a tree is worship, because it is thought to become imbued with something sacred. This makes it no longer just a tree or a stone. When relating the power of myth to Taoism, one the greatest belief is found in the first cause of the universe. Tao is said to be the first cause of the universe. The force that produces the universe is what flow through all life. Tao is what a person needs to live harmoniously with nature. If anyone follows this religion, one must nurture the Ch’I, which is the air, and the breath that has been given to him or her. Each personShow MoreRelatedReligion and Myth1007 Words   |  5 PagesA biblical myth is defined by Burrows, (1946) as a symbolic, approximate expression of truth which the human mind cannot perceive sharply and completely, but can only glimpse vaguely, and therefore cannot adequately express. In bibilical interpretation a myth is a story which communicates a set of values or beliefs through imagery. The most important thing in the myth is the message and not the literal truth of the imagery. . Good examples in the bible include: Jonah and the Whale Noah’s ArkRead MoreCreation Myths in the Abrahamic Religions1850 Words   |  7 Pagesfact that the three Abrahamic religions all arose in the same Middle Eastern area in succession may have had an effect on not only each religion’s beliefs that can be found in their creation myth, but also on their extreme similarities, especially on the ideas regarding the beginning of time. These three religions have greatly influenced each other because of these factors and continue to affect each other today. In regards to creation, all three of these religions believe that there was one GodRead More Star Wars: Myth or Religion? Essays2511 Words   |  11 PagesStar Wars: Myth or Religion? I was in a room, not a very large room, but big enough for the circle of odd numbered minds that had been assembled to discuss, debate, theorize, or maybe just waste time, on the topic at hand. I am a mere observer, with nothing more than a pen, my thoughts, and a strong will to keep my mouth closed when some reporter, author, or other member of the crowd makes some outlandish comment. I was there for no other reason than to make sense of what was being bickeredRead MoreEssay on Religion, Creation Stories, and Creation Myths5429 Words   |  22 PagesReligion, Creation Stories, and Creation Myths One of the fundamental questions that religions seek to answer is that of origin. How was man put on earth? Why and from what was he created? Who created him? What does his creation imply about the status of human beings? Some or all of these questions are answered by a religion’s creation stories. Every religion’s creation myths attempt to give solutions to problems present to that religious society. Because of this, each religion may haveRead MoreMyth, Religion, and Violence in Pan’s Labyrinth and Bless Me, Ultima: A Comparative Analysis1346 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent familial role models and travel along different paths, their childlike innocence, disillusionment, and initiation into adulthood comes about through similar themes: myth, religion, and violence. Bless Me, Ultima is about Antonio, the protagonist, who struggles with questions concerning religion and the local pagan myths. His mother, Maria, introduces him to Catholicism by sending him to catechism and church. Maria dreams that he will assume a role in her family and become a farmer and evenRead MoreHumberto Garcia Religion 110 Professor W. Raver Popol Vuh Myths organize the way we perceive and700 Words   |  3 PagesHumberto Garcia Religion 110 Professor W. Raver Popol Vuh Myths organize the way we perceive and understand our reality. Myths grant stability to a culture, and in this respect; serve to explain the unexplainable. From Barbra Sproul’s perspective, creation myths reveal basic religious concerns pertaining to how the universe was formed, and how people or societies are fashioned. Myths speak of the transcendent and unknowable aspects in a drama that attempt to reveal and give reason to human existenceRead MoreFoundations of Mythology870 Words   |  4 Pagesthe word myth used popularly? For example, what does the statement, â€Å"It’s a myth† mean? In contrast, how is the word myth used in the academic context? After considering the definition in your textbooks and course materials, write a definition in your own words. The statement â€Å"It’s a myth† to me means that it is not true or not fully true. There may be some truth but there is some false information added to the story. Myths- the rich rewards awaiting questioners willing to approach myths from numerousRead MoreThe Categories Of Religious Studies1124 Words   |  5 Pagesreligious studies students think of religion they think of people that are very passionate about their particular god, but most people do not understand why people act the way they do in religions. In religious studies they examine how different categories of religion help people of that religion conduct a structured way of life. There are many categories, that once are utilized, will help religious studies students obtain a deeper understanding of people in religions. The categories that will informRead MoreThe Cultural Aspects Of Culture995 Words   |  4 Pagesby the people that live in that specific location. That being said, religion can be indigenou s or non-indigenous. Indigenous religions are religions that are native to a place. Some good examples of indigenous religions are Shintoism, which is native to Japan, Christianity which, originated in Rome and Islam, which is believed to be originated in Mecca. A couple examples of non-indigenous religion are Voodoo and New Age. Religions originate when people that live close get together share their beliefRead MoreFoundations of Mythology Essay757 Words   |  4 PagesFoundations of Mythology Hum/105 June 25, 2013 Gayla Nelson Foundations of Mythology †¢ How is the word myth used popularly? For example, what does the statement, â€Å"It’s a myth† mean? In contrast, how is the word myth used in the academic context? After considering the definition in your textbooks and course materials, write a definition in your own words. The word â€Å"myth† can be used in so many ways and it can also have so many different meaning based on the contents of the word. It

A Social Problem That Affects Women More Than Men

Domestic Violence A. Problem Statement The purpose of this paper is to investigate a social problem that affects women more than men. In this case, the paper seeks to investigate the case of intimate partner or domestic violence. It seeks to give an opinion on the issue today in terms of what should be a stand and level on the social problem. As such, the paper seeks to describe the problem; its causes from a theoretical standpoint and what should be done to address it. The paper is divided into three parts of the problem statement, causes and the opinion. On the description section, the paper explains about the historical cases of domestic violence its trends over time, causes, effects and its stand today. On the theoretical section, the paper explains the factors leading or causing domestic violence from a theoretical perspective such as the relevant theories applicable to the problem. The last section includes the opinion, where I give an opinion on the remedies to domestic violence. The opinion is based on the theoretical approach to domestic violence in addition to views from the description of the problem. As such, the opinion section includes what should be done in the future to remove the barriers that prevent eradication of the problem and how the causes and cases may be minimized. This study, therefore, entails a detailed examination of domestic violence, its causes and my opinion. B. Description of the Problem Domestic violence may be defined as a form o9fShow MoreRelatedMental Health Depression Essay1602 Words   |  7 PagesAnalyse why men are more likely to describe the physical symptoms of depression, rather than the emotional ones, when seeking treatment. Men are much more likely to describe the physical symptoms than the emotional ones because they always feel like they have to be in control and macho; they like to feel in control of their families. Men are much less likely to acknowledge that there is actually a problem. Instead of seeking medical treatment with a doctor or specialist men are much more likely toRead MoreThe Emotional Distress of Men in a Relationship Essay examples928 Words   |  4 Pagesexperienced in a relationship is affecting them differently. Men are thought to be an aggressor and usually are dominant in a relationship, whereas women are passionate and more emotional when it comes to relationship. Although, this can be label as stereotype where typically it is quite an opposite. Men are capable of being vulnerable during an ongoing relationship. More men are experiencing an emotional distress from a bad relationship than women do. The psychological mindset and the state of well-beingRead MoreThe Statistics Of Health And Illness1350 Words   |  6 Pagesamount of problems in health and social care. Publications present statistics on death, birth, suicide and infant mortality rates. These are often analysed by the age, gender and social class of individuals. Charitable organisations and pressure groups Charitable organisations and pressure groups collect information which lets the discussions to take place which is mainly about the problems in health and social care. The information which is given to people is based on the health problems they haveRead MoreSocial Network Media Benefits Feminism1448 Words   |  6 PagesOne specific event that proves that social network media benefits feminism was in 2014, with the hashtag #YesAllWomen. An incident happened in May 2014 where a young man, Elliot Rodger, expressed his hatred for women and he went on a shooting spree in Santa Barbara, California, targeting women. After this tragedy made the news, thousands of women posted on various social networks with the hashtag #YesAllWomen, in order to share the ways sexism and violence affects everyone in their daily life. ThisRead MoreGender Education, Work, And Society1394 Words   |  6 Pagescoming from social classes, and people always look down upon others in lower level. Although women a re doing well in education and schooling, they are still facing inequality in work and society. So women will be in lower classes and be discriminated. The government and women still need work on this. Education In Canada, women generally do better in education and schooling than men with more number of students and higher grades. From the figure 1 we can see that the percentage of women among full-timeRead MoreSocial Inequality : A Part Of Sports1080 Words   |  5 PagesThesis: Social inequality is a part of many issues other than sports, but it is a part of sports to do several issues such as gender roles, salary and stereotypes. The Significance: The significance of this topic of inequality in sports is that it does not just occur in sports. It happens all around us, you see social inequality happening at work places, schools, restaurants and many other places. Many people don’t see if because they don’t know what it is. Population: Many people think it onlyRead MoreWhy Is It A Social Problem And Not A Personal Problem Essay939 Words   |  4 PagesWhy Is it a social problem and not a personal problem: The gender age gap is a social problem since it affects a majority of the society and that it affects not only one’s life but also society in which the gender gap is present depending on the extent of this gap. For example, the average Canadian women owns only 82 cents for every dollar the average men make based on a weekly salary comparison and full and partial time shifts (†¦). This affects life considerably of the individuals and familiesRead MoreDomestic Violence And Sexual Abuse1478 Words   |  6 Pagesagainst women is a big issue in the United States (Crowell Burgess, 1996), and the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, states that any act, that hurts or damages or that has the capability to hurt or damage is judged as an act of domestic violence, and the perpetrators can be both men and women. (Kaur, R. Garg, S, 2008). Domestic violence and abuse not only encompasses physical abuse, but also emotional abuse (Nursing Standard, 2014). Therefore, violence against women can isRead MoreThe Effects Of Social Media On Women And Men947 Words   |  4 PagesSocial media is a big part in today’s society. Visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat deliver the tools that allow teens to earn approval for their appearance and compare themselves to others. People follow the biggest stars and models, but what are these celebrities really doing? Where girls are required to be slim and short, the ideal for boys and men is a well-muscled and ripped look. Today, women everywhere want to get that fit body, the flat stomach, and the thigh gapRead MoreWomen Have Made Significant Strides In Society, Proving1292 Words   |  6 PagesWomen have made significant strides in society, proving themselves to be as capable as men in the workforce. However, while women are making equal contributions, men and women are not earning equal wages. Even though the Equal Pay Act was established in 1963, women continue to earn lower wages than men over half a century later. This inequality not only affects women as individuals but has a detrimental effect on the national economy. The gender wage gap in the United States should end because it

Cloud Computing Security Problem

Question: Discuss about the Cloud Computing Security Problem. Answer: Introduction: Using Cloud computing, the organizations can directly use the best in class softwares within a matter of time. These organizations do not need to pay for the installation, licensing fee of the software, implementation cost as well for the infrastructure cost. It is because the applications are already hosted at the third party server. Organizations just have to pay the operational cost based on the usage of the application. Cloud computing has arise due to increasing need of the organizations for using the IT applications on the go especially when cost of acquiring these applications and implementing them is very huge (Cheves, Uriarte, Westphall, 2011). In simple words, it means that applications are already hosted on server (referred as cloud) maintained by the service provider and whoever wants to use the software can pay and use them. Although, it is not that straight forward as hosted applications needs to be configured also as per business requirement but this is the concept. To understand it better, assume there are 2 ways to use electricity at offices, either organization should generate electricity or to buy the electricity delivered by the power grids. In this case, most organizations will want to avoid generating electricity to avoid unnecessary overheads and efforts and prefers to buy electricity so that they can focus on their core competencies. Similar is the concept of cloud computing whe re organizations do not need to spend much effort on the IT functions and its intricacies to use the best of breed applications. (Source: Cloud computing also makes perfect sense for the startup organizations that do not have time and resources to focus on their IT operations. They can simply take the service of cloud service providers and can focus on their dynamic work. Also, if the organizations are not happy with any Cloud service provider, it can opt for a different service provider. If organizations buys and implements the software, it will be very difficult to change the software and re implement it due to high costs specially if the software is ERP type but the task of changing the cloud service provide will be quite easy. Also, Organizations will dont have to worry about upgrades, ant viruses, downtimes, virtualization, storage, networking while using the application. As a result, Cloud computing offers huge business advantage. Cloud computing also offers numerous other facilities like disaster recovery, automatic updates. Using Cloud computing, organizations can also offers its employees work from anywhere facility and thus save its regular office expenses. ABC Payrolls is a fictitious company who has locally hosted its payroll application for their customers (mostly small businesses, sole traders and individuals). You are required to prepare a report on the benefits and challenges for ABC Payrolls to migrate to a SaaS provider. ABC has hosted its payrolls internally for its customers and planning to migrate to a SAAS provider. There are lots of benefits for ABC to migrate to a SAAS provider however there will be challenges too. Benefits include: ABC does not need to maintain the license or renew the licensing cost. It can simply migrate to SAAS provider and thus pay based on the usage. Apart from it, ABC does not need to spend on the anti viruses, disaster recovery plan, networking, storage, downtime and other numerous things. Using SAAS, ABC customers can access the latest and best of breed features in payrolls application. ABC does not need to incur the cost of updating the application. In simple words, there is no maintenance required from ABCs side and thus there is huge cost benefit. Also, Scalability will not be issue for ABC going forward because it will be paying to the service provider based on the usage. If the users will increase, it will incur more costs. However, currently as payroll is hosted internally, it will be problem in terms of data storage or cache speed as number of users will increase. Using SAAS, ABC can also provide work from anywhere facility to its employee. Some of the issues are as follows: Applications that are hosted on service providers tend to upgrade quite frequently. As a result, there is 1 new expense of training the users on the upgrades frequently. Data privacy and security: Clouds are vulnerable to numerous by insiders as well as external attackers. Since clouds are storehouse of critical and confidential information like credit card information, they are always targeted by the attackers. As of now, huge research is going on so as to make cloud safer to provide its user more safer environment free from attacks (Almorsy, Grndy, Muller, 2010). Handling customizations: Although ABC payroll application looks standard only but if it is customized, then there can be issue in migrating to SAAS as clouds generally dont offer much customization. In that case, change in business process is required which is aligned with what is provided by cloud. It is also possible that presently as users are less ABC change its business process but later realized that it is not giving value to customers by using the standard application offered by the Cloud service provider. In that case, it has to revert back. Cloud service providers offers low customizations as they are interested more in economies of scale from different organizations (Almulla, Yeun, 2010). Legal issues: Payrolls generally have very confidential information as well critical data and there are different legal requirements in different countries (Lar, Liao, Abbas, 2011). It is very important for ABC to understand the legal requirement and take decisions accordingly. Any ignorance can attract huge penalty. For example, In some countries, there is legal requirement that Finance data should not go outside the country. Service provider can say that cloud is hosted in the country but they maintain many copies of the data at different parts of the world as part of their disaster recovery plan. In such cases, it can be a legal compliance issue. All such things should be discussed in length in advance to avoid any conflict later. ABC Payrolls might consider migrating to an IaaS service provider for their services. Thus, they have additionally requested a report on the differences between expanding current infrastructure on premise and adapting cloud infrastructure provided by an IaaS Provider. Your report needs to include the critical points, other than cost, that ABC Payrolls would need to consider in choosing to migrate services to a Cloud. There are many parameters that will be critical in deciding if ABC should consider using IAAS for infrastructure needs or expand current infrastructure. Expanding current infrastructure ma risk the under utilization of infrastructure If ABC plans to expand current infrastructure, it must plan for future at least for 4, 5 years and increase the capacity accordingly as it is makes sense however that also means that for some time, and their capacity will remain under utilized. It is also possible that once they have expanded, it is difficult to contract or downsize their infrastructure even if the country does not need it (Donald, Oli, Arockiam, 2013). Cloud computing provides very good solution to these problems. ABC only needs to pay for the usage and do not worry about under utilization of the capacity. With Cloud computing, ABC can easily plan to increase and decrease the usage of the services. However, if ABC payrolls is pretty sure about next 4,5 years on the number of users of its system and convinced that capacity will be fully utilized, it can also plan to expand existing infrastructure. How well ABC is managing its systems currently/ Will Cloud really add value This is also very important aspect of making a decision. ABC payrolls should analyze how comfortable they are in managing their own IT systems currently. Are their frequent outages, are customers happy and satisfied with them managing the systems. These are some of the questions ABC needs to introspect. If they are managing their systems pretty well and smoothly without many issues and there is not much difference between cost of expanding existing infrastructure and using SAAS, then expanding current infrastructure can also be preferred. However, if the ABC is finding it difficult to manage their IT systems and there are frequent customer complains, it should consider going on cloud. It should also analyzes how Cloud services will add value to their IT department in terms of data security, storage, safety from external attacks, easy of deployment of application and agility in the system. Is there any impact on customers if ABC decided to go for cloud? Does customers notice any chang e, does it add to customer delight or customer will remain unaware are some of the things that ABC needs to think before taking a decision. Data privacy, Security Data storage is important part of IAAS as the critical payrolls data and all such details will be stored on the server provided by clouds. In such cases, ABC needs to ensure if the cloud is shared by many organizations and if there is any impact of using the shared cloud. ABC needs to prepare the various risks associated with using IAAS and how the vendor is minimizing those risks (Okoro, Idowu, 2013). It is important to analyze the approach of the vendor in handling data security, privacy and disaster recovery plan. ABC should also check if there any legal requirements and if cloud usage is not conflicting with the legal requirements. Testimonials, Case studies ABC can also ask vendors for the case studies of similar organizations that have got benefitted by it and obtained some reference. It will really help to interact with the organizations that have already implemented IAAS. Though it is difficult that organizations share their internal details but they can definitely vouch for the credibility of the service provider. References Almorsy, M., Grundy, J., Mller, I. (2010, November). An analysis of the cloud computing security problem. InProceedings of APSEC 2010 Cloud Workshop, Sydney, Australia, 30th Nov. Almulla, S. A., Yeun, C. Y. (2010, March). Cloud computing security management. InEngineering Systems Management and Its Applications (ICESMA), 2010 Second International Conference on(pp. 1-7). IEEE. De Chaves, S. A., Uriarte, R. B., Westphall, C. B. (2011). Toward an architecture for monitoring private clouds.IEEE Communications Magazine,49(12), 130-137. Donald, A. C., Oli, S. A., Arockiam, L. (2013). Mobile cloud security issues and challenges: A perspective.International Journal of Electronics and Information Technology (IJEIT), ISSN, 2277-3754. Lar, S. U., Liao, X., Abbas, S. A. (2011, August). Cloud computing privacy security global issues, challenges, mechanisms. InCommunications and Networking in China (CHINACOM), 2011 6th International ICST Conference on(pp. 1240-1245). IEEE. Okoro, U. R., Idowu, S. A. (2013). On the Cloud Web services: A Review.International Journal Of Computers Technology,9(2), 1020-1027.

Second novel Essay Example For Students

Second novel Essay Gerald took her to the County Hotel, They talked and met up again two nights later. He discovered she had no money so he let her stay at his friends empty apartment and gave her money to keep her going. I made her go to Morgan Terrace because I was sorry for her and I didnt like the idea of her going back to the Palace Bar. I didnt ask for anything in return.  Daisy Renton or Eva Smith became his mistress, He was her wonderful fairy prince.  The affair ended in the first week of September. I had to go away for several weeks then on business. I insisted on a parting gift of enough money to see her through till the end of the year I never saw her again and thats all I can tell you. Gerald helped Eva with genuine sympathy from her situation and didnt take advantage of her as Eric had done while he was drunk in a violent way. Gerald did make Eva Smith happy and in many ways he is least to blame for the death of Eva Smith. It is no doubt that Eva Smiths death was a result of the chain of events led by the Birling family and Gerald Croft. Out of all the people in Eva Smiths life, Gerald seemed to be the only genuine one of them all. He gave her a place to stay when she needed it most and money which was enough to keep her going with a little extra. Gerald also gave her genuine companionship and only broke the relationship off when they both agreed it was going nowhere. He didnt ask for anything in return from Eva. I believe that Sheila was only partly responsible, as was Eric. From Sheilas selfish, green eyed nature, she went out of her way to get Eva sacked from Milwards just because she was more pretty than she was, and one dress caused Sheila to make Evas life hell by complaining to the manager at Milwards and threatening to remove her mothers account with them. If Eva hadnt been sacked she would never have ended up vulnerable and with Eric. Eric was more responsible for the death because he pushed her over the edge. He was a liar, a thief and an embezzler, He gave her stolen money and took advantage of her, forcing her back and sleeping with her while he was drunk. He became angry and aggressive when she said no but he violently forced his way back in to the house. Eric left Eva Smith pregnant and when she went to Erics mothers committee for help she was turned away and told to get the father of the baby to take responsibility and not to run away, What Sybil didnt realize was that that father of her unborn baby was, in fact, her son. Sybil was the last person out of all of them to see Eva alive so she could have changed the end result. If she hadnt put on airs and grace and turned Eva away from the committee, Eva would have had a future.  Overall, I believe that Arthur Birling is the one person who we can hold responsible for Eva Smiths death. Sacking her from the factory made her attitude to life change. If he hadnt have sacked her from the factory she wouldnt have ended up working in Milwards where she was to be sacked by a jealous, angry Sheila. Eva wouldnt have been vulnerable and ended up with Gerald and have been taken advantage of and left pregnant by Eric. If she wasnt pregnant she wouldnt have needed his mothers committee for help. She would have had a long and stable job and a happy life, Which Arthur took away. There for I think Arthur Birling is most responsible for the death of Eva Smith. .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 , .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 .postImageUrl , .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 , .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3:hover , .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3:visited , .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3:active { border:0!important; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3:active , .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3 .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u27ff5353ceaf065ee868e6f7e569e1c3:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Does Greene raise his characters from mere functions in a 'detective' novel to characters whose motivations are believable? EssayAn Inspector Calls  _J.B Priestley  John Boynton Priestley was born in Yorkshire on the 13th September 1894.  He left school at the age of sixteen and in 1910 he became a junior clerk with the local wool firm of Helm and Company. With the outbreak of war in 1914 Priestley joined the infantry at the age of twenty. He left the Army in 1919 after nearly being killed once and being a victim of a gas attack. After leaving the army he went to Cambridge University to study Modern History and Political Science, but in 1921 he left and went to Londo n. Priestleys first novel was The Good Companions (1929) and his second novel, Angel Pavement was published in 1930, but it was in 1932. When he was aged 38 that he wrote his first play Dangerous Corner, An Inspector Calls was written in 1945.  In this Essay I will try to find whom I think was most responsible for the death of Eva Smith. I will find out some background information for each of the characters and use the evidence and my knowledge to come to a conclusion and to find in my opinion was most responsible.